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InsectsVarious insect images, some shot "live", some are "stacked" dead specimens. Check out this page for info on macro equipment and techniques: www.tirpor.com/information/macro_top.htm

As there over a million different insect species known to science, and possibly another 10-20 million yet to be described, I will not be in the slightest bit offended if anyone wants to offer alternative identifications to those shown here.
1 0
ColeopteraBeetles ....
6 24
DipteraTrue flies - robber flies, mosquitoes & midges, blow-flies, etc
10 69
HemipteraTrue bugs
2 4
HomopteraCicadas, Planthoppers, Aphids and Scale Insects
1 1
HymenopteraAnts, wasps, bees and their relatives.
3 15
LepidopteraButterflies and moths
5 24
MecopteraScorpion Flies
1 2
1 4
OdonataDragonflies and damsel flies
2 8
Haven't a clue ..... as yet unidentified
AquaticAquatic / underwater wildlife
1 2
AvianLike it says - birds ....
5 20
4 24
Terrestial animals
1 1

Random files - Animalia (or fauna)
Grey Crowned Crane248 viewsClass: Aves
Order: Gruiformes
Family: Gruidae
Species: Balearica_regulorum
Polistes dominula Paper Wasp291 views
Autographa gamma248 views"Silver Y"
Wing detail at 10x
Humpback Whale218 views

Last additions - Animalia (or fauna)
Eupholus magnificus544 views"Pinned" after relaxing to allow repositioning of antennaeMar 15, 2011
Eupholus magnificus538 viewsMar 15, 2011
Eupholus magnificus529 viewsMar 15, 2011
Eupholus magnificus522 viewsMar 15, 2011