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Andrew Cockburn photography

Beijing Summer Palace 2006


May 2006, misty and dreicht but still beautiful despite the throngs.

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Ecuador 1993


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Jordan 1999


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Cape Cod 2009


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Why ?157 viewsYou spend a whole day in airplane, risk getting knifed in some foreign city, back of a pickup for 8 hours, 6 hours climbing this bloody hill and then there's not even a view ...
Fruit stall, Otovalo167 views
Vaquero184 viewsHigh up on the altiplano we were straggling across the grassland when suddenly this vaquero appeared from nowhere. I was lagging behind the group and he stopped just in front of me. I still recall there being something slightly sinister about him - something to do with the fresh sheepskin dripping blood down his horses haunches. I can just hear him saying "you, gringo, go home now - this is a bad place for you ..."

Actually he was probably a very nice man and was just thinking "where the fxxk did they all come from ?"
Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod189 views

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