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Goniometric mount (Rev0)


3 axis tilt and rotation stage for subject positioning. A stage like this allows you to rotate a subject in all 3 axes while keeping it centred.


Hardware (starting from the bottom):

1) Goniometer giving tilt, axis of rotation is x (straight in/out of the image) with a centre of rotation 50mm above the base. It is an OptoSigma 123-2460

2) Rotation base. rotates around z-axis (straight up). They are stacked in this order simply because that is the only way they will physically connect. The base is Melles Griot 07 TRT 508

3) Bolt threaded through bulkhead with a 0.5mm hole in the end holding mounting pin. Axis of rotation Y - along stacking axis. Thread is 1mm per turn so it lets me adjust the specimen forwards/backwards in 1mm steps.


The pictures show a subject being rotated against two reference arrows draw on the background.