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Macrobench #1 (Rev0)

This bench is designed for taking horizontal stacks at magnifications up to about 10x. Most of the components are the fruits of many months of eBay searching and sniping.

The bench basically consists of three physical units and some control electronics.

The camera sub-stage consists of a Nikon PB-6 bellows mounted to a stepper motor driven linear slide capable of 3.2um increments.

The subject sub-stage has xy&z adjustments made up of manual micrometer adjustment in y (side-to-side) and z (up-down) and x (forwards-backwards) comes from another stepper motor driven linear slide, this time capable of 0.4um increments.

Both sub-stages are connected to an aluminium t-track bed plate recessed into an oak "butcher block". To provide vibration isolation this base then floats on Sorbothane bumpers above a plywood platform.

Illumination, as seen here, is from Nikon SB-R200 flashes with a Cree MC-E LED modelling light. All the lights sit on Loc-Line arms.

The stepper motors are driven by a JAF driver module and the motion is controlled by a PIC18F microcontroller.