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Macrophotography is usually defined as images magnified from 1x to 10x lifesize. Lower magnification than this is normally labelled as "close-up" and higher magnification takes you into the realm of Photomicroscopy. Once you get above 1x magnification a whole world of normally unobserved detail opens up.

A great place to learn about Macrophotography is the online forum at Photomacrography.net


One of the challenges of macrophotography is the depth of field, or lack of it. This can be used to advantage when isolating subjects from their background but can also be a pain in the neck if you want to see lots of details. One technique for getting around this is "stacking". Simply put, you take a stack of images focussed at different depths in the subject. Each "slice" overlaps the previous. You then use some nifty software such Helicon Focus or Zerene Stacker to automatically combine all the slices into one image.

Shown here is a flash movie of 100 image slices and then the stacked result:

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Most of my macro images, both stacked and unstacked, are in my gallery pages under insects

You can find links from here to various pages describing macrophotography benches I've made / making.