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Andrew Cockburn photography

Myathropa florea profile

This specimen is "aged windowsill quality". You can see the compound eye gradually discolouring. The body hair is clumped because I had to wet clean it to remove a lot of dust and debris. I'm still looking for the ideal insect hair conditioner :)

2009-07-18-Lucilia-caesar-2.jpg 2009-07-19-Myathropa-florea-wing-base.jpg 2009-07-19-Myathropa-florea-back-of-head.jpg 2009-07-19-Myathropa-florea-lateral.jpg 2009-07-19-Myathropa-florea-profile.jpg 2009-07-19-Myathropa-florea-armpit.jpg 2009-06-20-Cleg-Fly-head.jpg 2009-06-21-cleg-compo-2.jpg 2009-06-20-Cleg-body.jpg