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My photography bookshelf

I've a pretty long list of photography books including:



Light Science & Magic by Fil Hunter and Paul Fuqua
Optics in Photography by Rudolf Kingslake
Color and Light in Nature by David K. Lynch and William Livingstone
Still Life and Special Effects Photography by Hicks and Schultz
Basic Techniques of Photography by Ansel Adams, and yes he didn't do digital but was a darkroom master and did remove unwanted details like telegraph poles in natural scenes
High Dynamic Range Digital Photography by Ferrel McCollough
Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography by Brenda Tharp
Photographing the Patterns of Nature by Gary Brasch
The Art of Photography An approach to Personal Expression by Barnbaum
Galen Rowell's Inner Game of Outdoor Photography
Mountain Light by Galen Rowell
Borne On The Wind by Stephen Dalton
The miracle of FLIGHT by Stephen Dalton
Insects In Flight by John Brackenbury
Macrophotography by Ronan Loaec
The Manual of Close-Up Photography by Lefkowitz
Art and Science of Butterfly Photography by William Folsom
Photographing Plants and flowers by Paul Harcourt Davies
Close-up and macro photography by Paul Harcourt Davies
the art of nature photography by Niall Benvie
Closeups in Nature by John Shaw
Nature Photography by John Shaw
Focus on Nature by John Shaw
The Art of Bird Photography by Arthur Morris, although if you follow his newsletters you might start to wonder how many of his wonderful images are "helped" and by how much.